ASBOG Council of Examiners (COE) Workshop


The National Association of State Boards of Geologist (ASBOG) will be holding the spring Council of Examiners (COE) Workshop in Flagstaff, AZ during April 2017 and the fall COE in Portland, OR during November 2017.   The COE consists of two days reviewing the previous and subsequent ASBOG exams used for qualifying geologists for professional registration.  The COE is conducted by Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) made up of geologists from the various State Boards.   As part of the new procedures implemented by the ASBOG Executive Committee, selected SMEs registered in or adjacent to the State where the COE is being held have been included as part of the COE process.

The requirements for applying to be a SME to the COE are:

  • Registered/Professional Geologist in good standing from a State using the ASBOG exams for registration
  • Having passed the ASBOG exam(s) previously
  • Working as a professional geologist in industry, academia, or government
  • Agree to the terms and conditions as set forth by ASBOG for being a SME
  • Able to attend the COE knowing that your travel expenses will not be reimbursed

The COE is a key component of expanding and maintaining a relevant and defensible examination for applicants.  Due to the strict exam review process performed for each administration and the task analysis performed every 5 years, ASBOG has developed one of the fairest and most applicable exams for licensure of geologists. SMEs play a critical role in ensuring that the COE has sufficient professional experience to perform this process and give fair weight to all aspects of geology.

The COE is structured as a two stage process and have parallel sessions (fundamentals and professional).  During the first day, instructions are provided by the psychometrician and then the participants “take” the exam that was given during the past administration.  In the afternoon, participants review each of the questions as a group with input from the psychometrician indicating how the questions performed on the exam.  Based on this review, questions are accepted or may be double keyed and/or removed.  Generally only questions that have not been used, or used infrequently, in the past are identified as being of concern when they are ambiguous to the group and/or they have not performed well within the administration.  During the second day the process is repeated, but for the exam that will be given at the next scheduled administration.

If you are interested to be part of this process, please provide your credentials and information to ASBOG for consideration.  This information can be emailed to: Deana Sneyd  < >.

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