Geochemistry Short Course -4/28/17

Short Course – Friday, April 28, 2017 – Introduction to Groundwater Geochemistry

Join AEGSF for a short course on Groundwater Geochemistry on Friday, April 28th, at Preservation Park in Oakland. The course will be led by Bill Deutsch. Cost is $225 for AEG members, and $275 for non-members.

This is an introductory geochemistry course for scientists and engineers working in the field of groundwater site characterization, contamination, and remediation.  It is designed to provide basic information on geochemistry that is necessary to understand natural and contaminated systems and how the composition of groundwater evolves along its flowpath in the subsurface.  Geochemical processes that will be described and discussed include solution complexation reactions, solution/gas interactions, mineral dissolution/precipitation, oxidation/reduction, and adsorption/desorption.  Data collection, presentation, and interpretation of results will be discussed.  At the end of this one-day class, attendees will have a better understanding of the types of geochemical processes that affect groundwater composition, the importance of collecting sufficient data to understand site-specific geochemical systems, and what the data they have collected mean from the standpoint of contaminant occurrence and mobility.

Find out more about Bill and the course, and register, by visiting our blog:

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