Just Published: Applied Geology in California

Applied Geology in California is the Association of Environmental & Engineering Geologists (AEG) Special Publication Number 26. Previous AEG Engineering Geology  publications were: Southern California – 1992 and Northern California in 2001.   Many, many changes since then!

This new volume provides practitioners, professors, graduate students, and geotechnical engineers an insight into some of the current practice of applied geology, without being a text book.

The full color book includes a significant section on water storage (including both dams and aquifers), the investigation of existing water conveyance structures (e.g., canals, and flood control levees), and the construction of some impressive tunnels. The volume also contains several papers on the innovative use of remote sensing and geographic information systems for the assessment of subsidence, condition of water conveyance structures, and fault studies. In addition some environmental topics have received considerable attention (e.g., tracking of groundwater contamination plumes, vapor intrusion, super-fracking, and mitigation of abandoned mines).

It’s California, so we have a large section on characterization of active faults, seismicity and seismic hazards, with a focus on Coastal Southern California, its Borderlands, and the Lake Tahoe Basin.
At over 1,000 pages with 144 contributors to 49 chapters, topics covered include environmental, economic and engineering geology as it applies to California.    Example topics include:

  • Land Subsidence
  • Water Conveyance
  • Water Banking
  • Landslide mitigation
  • New rapid field analytical techniques
  • Issues with abandoned mines
  • Airborne techniques in mapping
  • Of course, extensive coverage of earthquakes and faults, their assessment, and hazard analysis throughout Southern and Northern California

Order a copy today at: http://www.appliedgeologybook.com/

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