Caltrans is Hiring


Due to new legislation which will raise $5.2 billion per year for transportation, split equally between the state and local agencies, Caltrans will be hiring hundreds of engineers and other employees to achieve the expanded program. The Professional Engineers in California Government (PECG) Bargaining Unit (California state employee Bargaining Unit 9) has been meeting with Caltrans management to assist Caltrans in identifying and recruiting highly qualified candidates for Unit 9 and other classifications in the Department. PECG asked members and fee payers to let them know if they are aware of engineers or related professionals and college seniors who would be interested in applying for these newly available jobs. Caltrans will have a broad pool of highly qualified candidates to fill the available positions to achieve the expanded program.

If you or someone you know are interested in working for Caltrans – an engineer or related professional, college senior, recent graduate, or experienced practitioner –please reach out to a Unit 9 (e.g. Engineering Geologist, Water Resources Control Engineer, etc…) employee who can then pass along contact information to PECG. PECG will then assist potential candidates with the application process.

You may contact John Murphy, an Engineering Geologist with the Central Valley Regional Water Quality Control Board and AEG Newsletter/Blog Editor, for additional information or as an interested candidate. He can be reached by email at

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