State Water Board Job Opportunities

The State and Regional Water Boards currently have several open Engineering Geologist and other geoscience positions. In particular, the Oceans Unit is anxious to fill the Engineering Geologist Position. This application submission period for this positions is only open for two so apply soon!

The State Water Board currently has several geoscience-related positions at offices located in Sacramento, Fresno, Redding, and San Bernardino.  Positions include Engineering Geologist, Water Resources Control Engineer, Environmental Scientist, and Scientific Aid.

More information about state employment is available on the CalCareers website,


One position that may be of interest to an experienced geologist is an opening in the Water Board’s Ocean Standards unit:  “ . . .  the incumbent is expected to use working knowledge of the latest applicable engineering geology, and technical skills to develop and recommend amendments to the Water Quality Control Plan for the Ocean Waters of California (known as the Ocean Plan) and policies for water quality control to protect California’s ocean and coastal waters. The incumbent will perform complex marine engineering geology and statistical analyses to characterize and regulate the physical and chemical aspects of the marine and estuarine environments, such as transport and fate of suspend sediments and other pollutants. The incumbent may perform or interpreting numeric modeling and assessment of marine processes including sediment transport, circulation, and geomorphic featuresThe incumbent will provide technical support to Regional Water Quality Control Board staff on the interpretation of the ocean water quality standards and will coordinate with federal and state agencies on ocean issues. The incumbent will analyze and comment on proposed legislation, develop technical papers on emerging issues, assist at public meetings, and give presentations to the public, management, and Board members. The incumbent will have excellent public speaking and presentation skills, as well as strong written and oral communication skills.”  

Detailed information about this position and how to apply are available at:   Information about the Engineering Geologist exam is available on the CalCareers website:

Other units with openings include Oil and Gas, Irrigated Lands (Agriculture), Office of Enforcement, Cannabis Cultivation Waste Discharge Program, and Division of Financial Assistance.

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