DWR Engineering Geologist Job Opening

The Department of Water Resources (DWR) is currently looking for an Engineering Geologist to fill a vacancy in their Division of Integrated Regional Water Management. Final filing deadline is December 18th. Many more positions are also expected to come in the next few weeks so keep an eye out on their job vacancies page! http://www.water.ca.gov/hro/dwr_job_vacancies.cfm

Engineering Geologist ($5,098 – $9,597) – Division of Integrated Regional Water Management, Northern Region Office, Regional Planning Branch, Groundwater and Geologic Investigations Section, Red Bluff

Duties: Under close supervision of the Senior Engineering Geologist, incumbent develops and plans groundwater and geotechnical field investigations, geomorphologic studies, conjunctive use management studies, aquifer performance testing, groundwater recharge studies, land subsidence analyses, groundwater basin assessments, and groundwater monitoring programs. Assist with management, analysis, and reporting of data related to groundwater, geomorphology, geologic exploration, and land subsidence. Provide technical assistance to State, federal, regional, tribal, and local agencies, including Groundwater Sustainability Agencies, and water resource managers. Incumbent will also work with Groundwater Sustainability Agencies as they develop, implement and perform evaluations of Groundwater Sustainability Plans.

Desirable Qualifications: The successful candidate will demonstrate strong verbal and written communication skills, the ability to work with a multi-disciplinary team, proficiency with Microsoft Office, databases, and GIS programs, and effective presentation skills.

Special Requirements: The incumbent must possess a valid California Driver License and be able to travel on short notice and stay overnight for several consecutive days at field locations.

Benefits: We also have free parking.

For Questions Regarding the Position:
Contact Person: Lawanda Jaramillo
Phone Number: (530) 529-7313
Email Address: lawanda.jaramillo@water.ca.gov

Applicants must submit a separate application for each job they are applying for. To be considered for this position, submit the following document(s) and include the SAP Position Number and Job Control Number in the Explanation Section of your application:

SAP Position Number: 50003009
Job Control Number: JC-90436
Posting Date: 12/04/2017
Final Filing Date: 12/18/2017

Address for Mailing Application Packages:
Certification Desk
P.O. Box 942836
Sacramento, CA 94236-0001

Address for Drop-Off Application Packages:
1416 Ninth Street, Room 320
Sacramento, CA 95814
Hours: 8:00 AM – 4:30 PM
Monday through Friday (except holidays) DWR Logo

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