Just Published! Cities of the World: Geology of San Francisco

Authors: Kenneth A. Johnson and Greg W Bartow

The San Francisco Geology of the Cities of the World illustrates how the siting, history and development of San Francisco is tied into its geology. This book is directed at an audience mainly of geologists, engineers, environmental scientists and planners. A significant difference between this volume and other works addressing the Geology of San Francisco is that this work concentrates on engineering geologic and geotechnical aspects that impacted and continue to affect the development of the city. A major benefit is that the book identifies authors who live or work in the San Francisco region and includes references to other works that can be used to help support the development of an idea of a site setting. The author’s names provide a starting point of contact for persons working or wanting to work in the city for the first time. The book’s cost is set to make it a must for persons working or living in San Francisco as well as anyone interested in the city. Among several topics included are the role the geography of San Francisco played in servicing the Gold Rush in California; development of fill and its impact on the city after the 1906 and 1989 earthquakes. The development of San Francisco Public Utility Commission water transmission and distribution systems; an overview of a number of tunnels in the city; sea level rise assessment and mitigation, the development of tall buildings on complex sites; a picture of local plate tectonics and seismic setting and hazard elements.

You may order copies by calling (650) 591-3505.

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Full Price is $79.95 (does not include shipping)

AEG Member Price: $63.96 (does not include shipping)

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