USACE: Technical Expert Geologist Position

Hello there my fellow awesome Geologists!

Please consider applying to this Technical Expert Geologist Position!

Official Announcement:

The Dam Safety Production Center (DSPC) is a group of technical experts within the US Army Corps of Engineers located in the Sacramento District in downtown Sacramento. We are a Division Level group and directly serve 4 districts: Sacramento, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Albuquerque (though, any position at the Corps also provides the opportunity to work on any Corps project, US and worldwide).

This position is specifically looking for a technical expert level Engineering Geologist/Geological Engineer who has a high level of experience across all aspect of Geology from site investigation planning and execution to data analysis and design and finally to construction and engineering during construction, with a additional expertise in slope stabilization analysis, design, and construction.

If you have any questions regarding this position or the Army Corps in general, just send an Email! I have worked on a lot of interesting project with the Corps that have taken me all over the US and to Columbia!

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