Forensic Engineering Geology of Landslides Webinar Thursday

Feel free to check out a webinar from AEG National this Thursday!

Forensic Engineering Geology of Landslides

Join us for a webinar on Thursday, July 9, 2020, 12 PM EDT

Speaker: Dr Scott Burns, Professor Emeritus of Engineering Geology Portland State University
Past President IAEG (International Association of Engineering Geologist and the Environment)

Landslides are one of the major geological hazards of the world, and they cause major destruction and loss of life everywhere in the world.  Engineering geologists are very involved in all phases of their study.  The talk will cover what background research must be done in your area to help you understand local landslides.  Second, what do you do when a landslide happens, and you are asked to evaluate it.  What does a forensic engineering geologist then do to determine causes of the failure?  How do you mitigate the landslide and prevent further landslides.  The importance of safety on the site will be stressed.  We have many new technological aids to help us in all phases of our work.  Dr. Burns will use 35 years of case histories that he has been involved in to illustrate his points.

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