California Energy Commission is Hiring!

Under the general direction of the Senior Engineering Geologist, of the GeoSciences Unit in the Engineering Office, the incumbent reviews and evaluates whether there would be impacts to geologic or paleontologic resources from the construction, operation, and maintenance of energy facilities and power plants. The incumbent also assesses whether there are geologic hazards present that have the potential to impact human health and the environment. The incumbent reviews project sites that may have issues involving sensitive paleontologic resources, recognized and documented geologic resources, and faulting, seismicity, and related phenomena that may impact project construction and operation. The incumbent responds to geologic and paleontologic resources, compliance and geologic hazards issues regarding power plant operations; and conducts investigations to determine if any violations of the program’s regulations, the Energy Commission’s conditions of certification, or the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) have occurred.

Closing Date: 12/01/2021

Hiring Process:

To Apply:

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