Members of the Sacramento Chapter of AEG work in a wide variety of geoscientific fields that include key roles in engineering geology, hydrogeology, geophysics, environmental engineering, water and resource management, and land use planning. Our dynamic membership includes many exceptional people from public agencies, private consultants, and instructors and students from local universities.

Not just your usual organization, our Sacramento Chapter is instrumental in advancing and refining research, public policy issues and applications in the engineering and environmental geosciences that affect all of us.

Who Are We?

AEG was developed to meet the professional needs of geologists who apply their scientific training and experience to a broad range of civil and environmental engineering applications. As the founding section of AEG in 1957, the Sacramento Chapter has been the home of many dedicated professionals that were instrumental in developing the high standards of practice that govern our profession today. The founding goal of AEG was to provide leadership in the development and application of geologic principles and knowledge to serve engineering, environmental and public needs.

As keepers of the legacy of excellence passed down from our founding and former members, the Sacramento Chapter is committed to fulfilling this mission and serving our members to further their professional success and personal growth in this field! We are committed to maintaining the integrity and social value of our profession and the services we provide. Monthly meetings and periodic field trips and workshops, are all functions that the AEG Sacramento Chapter provides to serve its membership and improve the quality of our work.


We focus our dinner meetings on topics and discussions vital to you – our members! Let’s be honest here. Do you really want to attend a dull meeting at the end of a long day of work to hear some dreary talk about some uninteresting topic? Or would you rather attend a gathering of friends and colleagues where you could have a beer, eat a great meal and listen to a terrific talk given by some of the best people in the field? Tough choice here…

Once a month our members meet to share a meal and listen to a great talk, all in a casual and friendly atmosphere. Attending meetings gives members a chance to meet new people, develop valuable professional contacts, make new friends and find out more about the many varied aspects of careers in engineering and environmental geology. We also meet at least once every year with our fellow colleagues from the Groundwater Resources Association (GRA) Aside from great networking opportunities, our meetings give members a chance to compare notes, share problems and solutions, and participate in developing and maintaining the standards of our profession.

Interested in attending a meeting? From educators and students to business professionals, state employees and vendors, the Sacramento Section welcomes anyone with an interest in the geosciences to attend our meetings!

Field Trips

Each year the Sacramento Section of AEG attempts to organize an exciting field trip to exotic (well…not quite exotic, but interesting) geologic locations across Northern California. Always interesting and fun, these trips gives our members, colleagues and friends a great chance to get out of the office and into the field for good times, good food, great company and even a bit of educational enlightenment!