Department of Water Resources is Hiring an Engineering Geologist!

Hey all you job-seeking geologists out there! Looking to get your foot in the door or looking for a change from your current position? Department of Water Resources (DWR) is hiring an Engineering Geologist (EG) in their Division of Regional Assistance, Geology and Groundwater Investigations Section!

Position Details:

Job Code #: JC-330739

Position #(s): 846-200-3756-001

Working Title: Groundwater Hydrogeologist and Groundwater Management

Classification: Engineering Geologist

Work Location: Yolo County (West Sacramento)

Job Type: Permanent, Full Time

Interested candidates should apply either online, by mail, or via packet drop off by October 21, 2022. Further information regarding the job posting can be found HERE.

Good luck everyone!

AEG Sacramento October Meeting: Abandoned Mine Lands

We are excited to welcome Vanessa Calder from Partner Engineering and Science, Inc. for an in-person meeting at Aviators on Tuesday, October 18 at 5:30PM! Vanessa will give a talk titled Abandoned Mine Lands (AML): Features and Characteristics to Help Identify AML Sites from Desk and Field. We hope to see you there! Registration is $35 for members and $40 for non-members. Student price is only $10 but be one of the first 5 students to RSVP and use the code STUDENT to attend for free!

RSVP and more information can be found HERE!

Sacramento AEG September Meeting with Garry Maurath!

Hello AEG Sacramento and Friends!

We are excited to welcome (and say goodbye to) Garry Maurath, Ph.D., PG, CHG from the California Energy Commission for an in-person meeting at Aviators on September 20 at 5:30PM! Garry will give a talk titled “Groundwater and Politics of the Bahamas Or: What do the pirate Captain Morgan and Carnival cruse lines have in common?” This will also be Garry’s last event with AEG Sacramento before he moves out of the area so we we definitely hope to see you there! Additional Information on Garry and his contributions, as well as further information regarding the topic for the evening, can be found HERE!
Meeting Information:

Where: Aviators – 6151 Freeport Boulevard in Sacramento, CA 95822
When: Tuesday September 20, 2022 starting at 5:30 PM.
Registration: $35 for members and $40 for non-members.

PLEASE NOTE! Student price is only $10 but be one of the first 5 students to RSVP and use the code STUDENT to attend for free!  

Register for the in person meeting online HERE!

Sponsorship Opportunities:

To help offset event expenses and fundraise for future meetings, we are offering organizations the opportunity to sponsor our monthly meetings for $100. Sponsors will be recognized for their generous donation at the event, and their logos will be featured on our website, the event landing page, and given a chance to speak during the meeting. If you are interested in attending and sponsoring this meeting, please RSVP and chose the $100 Sponsorship registration option through the online platform.

Please also feel free to reach out to us with any questions and to submit company logos to  

CalGeo October 2022 Regional Meeting!

The regional CalGeo chapter is hosting a talk by Mr. Jeremy Zorne, PE, GE on “All About the Dirt of the New SMUD Museum of Science and Curiosity (MOSAC)“. The talk will be held at the new SMUD Museum on Friday October 28, 2022!

See below for further information regarding the event:

MOSAC, on the banks of the Sacramento River, is an adaptive reuse of an abandoned power station building. Vacant for over half a century, the 30,000-square-foot former powerhouse building underwent a complete structural and historic rehabilitation.

The project site presented many geotechnical challenges including soft, compressible soil; seismic-induced liquefaction susceptible soil; and dynamic instability/lateral spreading potential. Geocon performed an extensive geotechnical evaluation of the site that used past geotechnical studies and new geotechnical exploration, in-situ testing, and laboratory testing. Geocon collaborated with the project team to develop cost-effective seismic hazard mitigation and foundation solutions for the project. Jeremy Zorne, PE, GE, was the project manager and geotechnical engineer for the project. Jeremy will provide an overview of the project and describe the geotechnical challenges and solutions that helped make the project a success.

Meeting Information:

When: Friday October 28, 2022

Location: 400 Jibboom Street in Sacramento, CA 95811

Schedule: Prior to 4pm – Museum Tour (Optional)

4pm – Food/Drinks/Social Hour

5pm – Talk

Register HERE to attend this awesome event! If you have additional questions please contact

Department of Conservation is Hiring Various Senior Engineering Geologists!

The Department of Conservation (DOC) is hiring for various senior engineering geologists (SEG) positions in the Fault Zoning, Liquefaction, and Post-Wildfire Geologic Hazards units! Interested candidates should review the following job postings and apply by the final filing dates of 8/25 (for the Post-Wildfire Geologic Hazards program) and 8/29 (for the Liquefaction and Fault Zoning Units). Be sure to have taken and passed the Senior Engineering Geologist Exam before applying!

SEG Post-Wildfire Geologic Hazards Program:

Job Code #: JC-321355
Position #(s): 538-101-3751-001

Work Location: Sacramento County
Job Type: Permanent, Full Time

SEG Fault Zoning Unit:

Job Code #: JC-321344
Position #(s): 538-102-3751-504

Work Location: United States
Job Type: Permanent, Full Time
Facility: Primary Cert Contact

SEG Liquefaction Unit:

Job Code #: JC-321239
Position #(s): 538-102-3751-002

Work Location: United States
Job Type: Permanent, Full Time
Facility: Primary Cert Contact

Further information about the DOC can be found HERE. Good luck candidates!

CGS is Hiring: Senior Engineering Geologist (Supervisory)

The California Geological Survey (CGS) is looking for a highly capable, self-motivated Senior Engineering Geologist (Supervisor) with experience in slope stability, fluvial geomorphology, and surface water hydrology to develop and lead staff as part of the Post Wildfire Geologic Hazards Program. Please see the attached flyer and the following URL for additional information:

Final filing date for the job posting is August 15, 2022.

AEG July 19 Meeting: Cindy Pridmore (CGS) – The California Post Earthquake Clearinghouse – With insights from the Ridgecrest Earthquakes Response

We are excited to welcome Cindy Pridmore, PG, CEG from the California Geological Survey for our in-person meeting at Aviators on July 19th at 5:30PM! Cindy will give a talk titled The California Post Earthquake Clearinghouse – With Insights from the Ridgecrest Earthquakes Response. We hope to see you there! Registration is $35 for members and $40 for non-members (slight increase in cost this year due to rising costs of everything). Student price is only $10 but be one of the first 5 students to RSVP and use the code STUDENT to attend for free!

More information and to RSVP by clicking HERE!

California State Air Resources Board is Hiring

The California Air Resources Board (CARB) is currently accepting applications for an Engineering Geologist (EG) vacancy! Under the direction of the Air Resources Supervisor I, the EG will be part of a team responsible for implementing CARB’s Carbon Capture and Sequestration (CCS) Protocol. The EG will be primarily focused on the well integrity and subsurface requirements of CCS projects and will coordinate with program staff from other CARB programs. 

The application deadline is Thursday, June 30! For more information and to apply: