Monthly Meetings & Calendar of Events

AEG July 2022 Meeting: Tuesday, July 19th – Aviators

We are excited to welcome Cindy Pridmore, PG, CEG from the California Geological Survey for our in-person meeting at Aviators on July 19th at 5:30PM! Cindy will give a talk titled The California Post Earthquake Clearinghouse – With Insights from the Ridgecrest Earthquakes Response. We hope to see you there! Registration is $35 for members and $40 for non-members (slight increase in cost this year due to rising costs of everything). Student price is only $10 but be one of the first 5 students to RSVP and use the code STUDENT to attend for free!

You can register for the meeting and find more information by clicking HERE.


Cynthia Pridmore is a Senior Engineering Geologist within the California Geological Survey’s Seismic Hazards Program. Of her 33 years at the Survey, she has worked 28 years within the Seismic Hazards Program, focusing on earthquake and tsunami hazards.  She has also worked within CGS’s Regional Geologic Mapping and Mineral Resource Programs.  Cindy was involved with post-event scientific data collection after the 2010 El Mayor-Cucapah earthquake, 2011 Japan tsunami, and 2019 Ridgecrest earthquake sequence in support of better understanding events that affect California.  As the Chair of the California Post-Earthquake Clearinghouse, she assists the coordination of scientific response, data collection, and communication of critical information to the State Emergency Operations Center. Cindy works closely with the California Governor’s Office of Emergency Services Earthquake and Tsunami program staff as a subject matter expert.  Cindy is a Registered and Certified Engineering Geologist. She is married to geologist Gary Taylor, now retired from CGS, whose career also spanned several years within the CGS Minerals Program and as supervisor of the CGS publications group.


After a major and/or damaging earthquake in California, the California Geological Survey (CGS) is mandated to establish a clearinghouse along with its managing partners: the Earthquake Engineering Research Institute, the U.S. Geological Survey, the California Office of Emergency Services, and the California Seismic Safety Commission. When the July 4th, 2019, M6.4 Ridgecrest earthquake occurred, it was agreed that a Clearinghouse would be set up the following day. During our first briefing the evening of July 5th at our location in Ridgecrest, many scientists and engineers were still on the road and pulled over to catch the call. Fifteen minutes into the conference call, a large aftershock sent the 8 of us in the room under the table. Returning upright, we continued the call, assuring everyone who was listening remotely, that we were ok. Three minutes later the M7.1 hit. Once again, we dropped, covered, and held on… With images and insights that came with the Ridgecrest earthquakes, my talk will cover the purpose and some of the history behind the Clearinghouse, how to participate, the types of studies that are done, how information is shared, and how it supports emergency management.

2022 Calendar of Events

January 19 AEG January Meeting (2021-2022 Jahns Distinguished Lecturer) w/ San Francisco Chapter

Speaker: Richard (Rick) M. Wooten, P.G.

Talk: Debris Flows, Big Slow Movers, and Rock Slides: Assembling the Geospatial Legacy of Landslides using Lidar, Drones, and Boots on the Ground

Location: Virtual

Registration: CLOSED
February 22 AEG February Meeting

Speaker: Dan Whisman, DWR CASP Program Manager; with contributions from Leroy Ellinghouse (DWR CASP Communications Manager) and Jeffrey Unruh (Lettis Consultants Intl., CASP Geologic Support)

Talk: DWR’s California Aqueduct Subsidence Program

Location: Zoom

Registration: CLOSED
March 30AEG March Event: Happy Hour at Jackrabbit Brewing, West Sacramento
April 20
Annual Student Night

Theme: Student poster presentations, student-professional interaction and networking, AEG presentation of scholarship recipients

Location: Drakes: The Barn

Registration: CLOSED
May 24AEG May Meeting

Speaker: Wendy Key, P.G. (Senior Geologist, Geosyntec)

Talk: Great Expectations (Improving Consultant-Client Relationships)

Location: Aviators

Registration: CLOSED
June 28AEG June Meeting

Speaker: AEG National President Maddie German

Talk: An Evening with the National AEG President

Location: Jackrabbit Brewing, West Sacramento

Registration: CLOSED
July 19AEG July Meeting

Speaker: Cindy Pridmore, PG (California Geological Survey)

Talk: The California Post Earthquake Clearinghouse – With Insights from the Ridgecrest Earthquakes Response

Location: Aviators

Registration: HERE
August 23AEG August Meeting

Speaker: John Murphy (Central Valley Water Board)

Talk: Applying to State Jobs and Current State of Water Quality Contaminants in the Central Valley

Location: TBD

Registration: TBD
September 13-17No September Meeting: Annual Meeting Las Vegas
October 25AEG October Meeting

Speaker: TBD

Talk: California Geological Survey – Schools

Location: TBD

Registration: TBD
November 22AEG November Meeting

Speaker: Chase White & Jennifer Thornburg

Talk: TBD

Location: TBD
December 14Annual Joint GRA/AEG Holiday Meeting

Speaker: TBD

Talk: TBD

Location: TBD